Little did I know one year ago as I was reflecting on 2019 and choosing my Word for 2020 what was in store for the year...

The word I landed on was Thrive.

And despite ALL the challenges 2020 threw our way, I can honestly say that I came through it thriving...

  • To be a better wife, mom, friend, person.

  • To be active and make healthy food choices.

  • To be grateful and appreciative of all that we have.

  • To be mindful to take care of myself and my emotional needs.

  • To help others in the ways I know how and others ways I've learned along the way.

  • To be kind, always.

  • To learn and educate on how to be a transgender ally.

And really, so much more.

I'm considering my Word for 2021 and haven't yet settled on one, but I'm so very happy I chose 2020 to...