As I blast Kelly Clarkson in my ears and sing along while I bank the turn going as fast as I can, I realize the naked reality in these words - "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I know others have said it too, throughout the years.

Because it's nothing but #truth!

I'm stronger now than I was yesterday.

As a mom.

As a wife.

As a teacher.

As a colleague.

As a business owner.

As an athlete.

As a runner.

Today I cued up a few Peloton workouts to get me through 3 miles. But then when the workouts were done, I was not.

So I kept going. My new goal was 5 miles, and it wasn't that much harder. Because my body has adapted, has learned what to do to keep going and get through the shit, and go faster and longer each time.

Just as my mind, heart, soul, and spirit have also adapted, and learned what to do to get through and survive and truly live.

Because I am