There are always reasons to smile. Here are just a few of mine today...

It's Friday.

The work week is almost over.

I have three more Kindergarten Teams lessons today and a list of other teachers who want to partner with me on how to best use technology in their classroom.

It's senior night and the last time I'll see my kiddo perform on the WHS field. Our family will join us in celebrating our girl.

Tomorrow we travel to Ephrata for our last competition. Fun times on a long bus ride ahead.

Sunday we paint and have dinner in celebration of my mom.

I can dress down in my new Wiss spirit wear today. And sneakers.

I have a kitty on my lap.

My kiddo is smiling and being responsible and doing well in school.

It's a brand new day and the sun will be shining.

There's always something not be grateful for.

That's just a few, but great reasons to start my day with a