Present over Perfect

It's that time of year....The time when the holidays are over and my mind starts to race, and reflect, on the year passed, and the year ahead.

The past few end-of-the-years have been full of goal setting, vision casting, making lists, and setting intentions. This year will be a little different; no new sparkly planners and journals for 2021. Just my trusty bullet journal that I will continue to develop and use as needed throughout 2021.

What will be really different, I think, is the why and the way I go about achieving my goals and realizing my dreams. I still have some lofty goals with intentions galore, and I WILL get there, but I'm no longer on a stressful timetable. I have a different perspective on life this year and it's about slowing down and being intentional. With my time, with my relationships, with others.

My ultimate goals are that of freedom - of time, of debt, of guilt, of toxic relationships. I am yearning for solid, wholesome, caring relationships that I know are already there, I just need to recognize and nurture them. My why will be lead by my heart this year, so very different than in the past.

Present over perfect, meaning over mania, relationships over rushing, people over pressure, quality over quantity.

Who's on this bus with me?


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