New Day

New Day

Every day can't be the best. We need the bad days to really appreciate the good ones.

Monday was not a super bad day, but a day jam packed with work, stress, and family drama. I had a moment after work when I really felt it all and emotions got the best of me. Luckily my husband is a good listener and the voice of reason.

Yesterday was a better day. I spent time Monday preparing so that Tuesday would be better. I had time to breathe and actually eat the lunch I packed (well, at 2:30, but still..). I made time to go to Barre and have that hour for me.

And now, today is another new day. Funny how they keep coming, ya know?

Every single day is a chance to have a fresh start. If we wake up with a clear mind and a grateful heart we can own the day.

What will you do with your

New Day?