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So this is new and it's something I am trying out. We will see how it goes…

Why I'm here doing this:

I never ever thought I'd really write or publish anything like this. I have a long-neglected blog for my professional life that I never kept up with as much as I wanted to. I have tried personal websites and blogs before, and they are still out there, but more stagnant pages than sharing anything real.

This is why - Facebook. Ever since I really jumped into FB land I have been using that for my blog, for my space to share and write, for both professional and personal reasons. I have found that not only do I like sharing the daily stuff of our lives, but I have begun to enjoy my “daily posts" that revolve around the title up there - wellness, fitness, inspiration, mom life, and transgender awareness.

I don't really plan these posts, I just sit down every morning with either a quote or a picture as inspiration and I go from there.

Many people, some of you who are probably reading this, have commented or reached out about me publishing a blog or putting my posts elsewhere. I did not really have it in me to go through blog creation, design, all of that. I really just want to write and inspire without all the fluff and branding.

This is that. The space for me to reflect, write, inspire, and hopefully empower.

Happy to have you along with me for the ride. Any suggestions for topics or post ideas, let me know. I'm open to pretty much everything. Let's see where we go.

☀️ Dianne

Note - This was my first post. All the posts published before this one were actually posted on FB and Insta and then transferred over here today, December 29, 2020.


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